Eritrea, Djibouti and Saudi Arabia's fishing industries face risks in case of an oil spill.
A brief history of the vessel before things started going wrong.
Getting the oil off the Safer onto a temporary vessel.
Yemen is already one of the world's most water deprived countries. An oil spill will only make it worse.
The conflict has already been harmful to Yemen's fishing industry. The Safer could make it worse.
The ill-effects of an oil spill are not always immediately apparent.
From a pledging round for governments to crowdfunding the public
If the Safer explodes or sinks, it will have huge negative impacts on some of Yemen's key sea ports.
The plan is for Phase One of the rescue plan to be completed in 2023. That was supposed to happen in 2022.
An oil spill would have direct harmful health impacts on response workers and the local population
With conditions on the Safer getting worse, the UN attempts an intervention.
The weather window is closing fast and the politics are fragile.